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Amco Rub-a-way Odour Removing Bar


Odour removing bar
Perfect when cooking with garlic and onions
Just rub the bar as you would a bar of soap to easily remove odours
Dishwasher Safe
Material: Stainless Steel

Amco Stainless Steel Professional Measuring Cups (Set of 4)


Set with 4 measuring cups:
1/4, 1/3, 1/2 & 1 cups
Precision accuracy to assure consistency in food preparation
Imprinted handle with the measurement
Pierced to hang for storage
Made of High Quality Strong Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safer


Burton The Original Egg Perfect Colour Changing Egg Timer


Color Changing Egg Timer
Changes colour as the eggs cook to indicate when eggs are ready
Flat bottom sits in the pot
Graduated scales show when eggs are soft, medium or hard by sensing heat instead of time
The sensor takes into account the number of eggs and amount of water for perfect boiled eggs every time
Size of a small egg

Carving Tool – Roast Meat Accessorie


Eddingtons Carving Tool Makes carving roasted meat safe and simple
The prongs help keep the meat in place whilst slicing and the handy fork-shaped tip helps to serve

Material: durable stainless steel
Dimensions approx: 20cm x 7cm x 2cm
Hand wash only


Eddingtons Bottle Pourer

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Can be used to pour spirits, olive oil, oil, vinegar, wine, etc..

Protective Top Flap
Rubber Bung fits most bottles

Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 7.5cm x 2.5cm

Eddingtons Christmas Red Squirrel Nutcracker

Rated 4.00 out of 5

Red Squirrel Nutcracker
Festive Christmas version
Comes in a beautiful Gift Box
Dimensions: 21cm x 16cm x 6cm
Easily cracks all nuts, simply place the nut in the squirrel’s jaw and gently press down his tail.


Eddingtons EasiTwist Jar & Bottle Opener

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Opens all lids with minimal effort
Fits a variety of sizes
Soft-touch ergonomic handle
Non-slip grip
Does not scratch lids
Colour: Blue
Dimensions: 23 x 9.5 x 2 cm


Eddingtons Egg Clacker


Perfectly tops eggs with no mess or broken shell pieces
Also works with raw eggs
Simply lift yellow ball and release
Dimensions: 4cm x 14cm


Eddingtons Egg Cubed – Make Fun Square Eggs – Egg Cuber

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Make fun square eggs for parties and for the kids

Put a round egg inside the cuber and get a square egg out
Includes a base plate, pressing plate and lid.
Dimensions: 6.7 x 9.2 cm
Colour: Yellow

Eddingtons iSlice Vegetable Ceramic Slicer w/ Magnet

Rated 5.00 out of 5

iSlice has literally 1000’s of uses
For clipping recipes or magazine articles; for cutting single sheets of paper or sellotape; or for opening awkward CD packaging or shrink wrap
The ergonomically shaped iSlice features a built in magnet for easy storage and has a recessed high tech zirconium-oxide ceramic blade that resists wear and never rusts
Because the blade is ceramic it won’t cut your finger so it’s perfect for kids too!
Ideal for use in the home, office or shop.


Eddingtons Ranch Ketchup & Mustard Shooter Dispenser


Eddingtons ketchup and mustard dispenser, fun for BBQs and parties
Easy to use, load the sauce in the reusable cartridges, aim and fire!

Capacity: 2 x 100ml
Dimensions: approx 25cm x 16cm x 5cm
Colour: Red and Yellow
Comes with instructions
Hand wash only


Eddingtons The Practical Yolker Egg Separator


Simple to use:
1 – Crack an egg into a bowl,
2 – Squeeze the yellow part of the yolker
3 – Place the white base of the yolker on top of the egg yolk
4 – Release the pressure and watch the egg yolk being sucked into the yolker
5 – Squeeze the top again to release the egg yolk

Easy to clean
Food safe
Dishwasher Safe