Food Preparation

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  • Bright Spark Catering Blowtorch BS1256 1 Piece Blowlamp
    Ideal for browning meats and the tops of meringues, caramelising creme brulee, blistering peppers, skinning tomatoes, imparting smoky flavours to aubergines, preparing fowl and singeing game, coating moulds with butter, caramel or chocolate, unmolding cold desserts, sculpure work on ice or chocolate..
  • Bucket Buddies Whisk
    Perfect to whisk eggs, egg whites, cream, sauces and other foods Material: Stainless Steel Dimensions: 20cm x 4.5cm x 2.3cm..
  • Eddingtons Food Safe Rayon Cooking Twine - 130 meters
    Rayon Cooking Twine For use in the kitchen and home Food Safe Suitable for the oven Length on reel approx 130 metres Material: Rayon ..
  • Eddingtons The Practical Yolker Egg Separator
    Simple to use: 1 - Crack an egg into a bowl, 2 - Squeeze the yellow part of the yolker 3 - Place the white base of the yolker on top of the egg yolk 4 - Release the pressure and watch the egg yolk being sucked into the yolker 5 - Squeeze the top again to release the egg yolk Easy to clean F..
  • Progressive Professional Mandoline Slicer - PL8
    Progressive Professional Mandoline Vegetable Julienne Slicer Strength, simplicity and safety to prepare potato chips (french fries), vegetable and fruits julienne slices and waffle. Features Slicing blade / Julienne blade / Waffle blade Extra wide stainless steel slicing deck Fully adjustable to..
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  • Progressive S4 Smart Slice Mandolin
    Slice, julienne, shred and grate with this easy to use, all in one design mandolin with no loose blades Features an integrated S4 pop up grater, 4 thickness slice settings, comfort grip hand guard and built in holder to feed through long, thick produce, such as carrots. Non skid surface provides su..